• Cusine – BBQ
  • Ambiance – Extremely casual
  • Location – Ocean Springs Mississippi
  • Rating – Highly recommended

A good friend grew up in Ocean Springs, and suggested if I was in New Orleans, that it was a short 2 hour drive to her home town, and "the best BBQ in the world". Pretty high praise, and as a BBQ addict, that’s a pretty tall order. I find The Shed, not hard to find, and it indeed is a shed. Huge ouside parking and seating area, tin siding, line outside, smelled amazing. As I get into line, Smiley (the greeter) comes up to me, not coincidentally smiling a lot, and asks if I’d been to The Shed before. I tell her I’m a newbie, so she gives me a full rundown of how you order, how food gets delivered (waitresses LOUDLY yell your first name while walking around, and you need to yell back and/or wave so they can get to you). She also gave me a full run down of the menu. This is a popular stop with bikers, benches inside and out, nothing fancy, as a great BBQ place should be. I decide to go for the full sampler, even though that’s a choice better made when multiple people are eating it. 7 meats, 3 sides (as Smiley pointed out, they only have 4 sides, so it’s nearly the entire menu on a plate). My food arrives a very short time later, at least 2 pounds of meat. BTW, the entire sampler was about $18. Coming from California, and given how much food this was, that’s a bargain. With that much meat, it was a bit of a blur, but the standouts were definately the baby back ribs and the brisket and, amazingly, the chicken. I’m usually not a BBQ chicken kinda guy, it’s generally boiled and then maybe tossed on a grill, and often just a vehicle for sauce, but this was really good chicken. Oh, and sauce, you can get it on the side, but this isn’t Texas, the BBQ is slathered in very tasty sauce. I got extra spicy, it was quite good, not super spicy to me, but I’m a pepper head, so it takes a lot for me to find something spicy. The sides, I had were beans, slaw, and potato salad. All were quite good, but I only had a bite or two of each, with so much meat to get to! Oh, and white bread, of course. Beer, ice tea, soda are all available. I finished about 1/2 of the meal, which ended up being all I ate for the next 24 hours, and even then, only ate because I stopped by Memphis for the sole purpose of having some BBQ there, but that’s another review. If you ever find yourself in the neighborhood, and you even remotely like BBQ, you have to stop by. The Shed gets my highest recommendation.

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