Sous Vide and Short Ribs go together like, well, good things that go together.

I’ve prepped this a lot of different ways, using many of the different time/temp calculations found on the web. You probably should too. This recipe is my favorite version for time/temp. I’m not going to go crazy with directions on this one, since I’m really just posting it to remember my favorite time/temp. For sous vide it’s pretty much the same, put in a bag, cook for a while, take out, lightly season, sear.

Cook time: 48-72 hours

Cooking temp: 135°F

Prep time: 5 minutes


  • Bone-in beef shortribs
  • Ground Pepper (optional)


  • Cut shortribs so they’ll fit in your bags
  • Put some pepper on the ribs (optional)
  • Put shortribs in vacuum seal bags of your choice (I use the water immersion method most often)
  • Set immersion cooker to 135°F
  • Put bags in cooker
  • Wait 72 hours (48 hour ribs are also very tasty, if you don’t have 72 hours to wait)
  • Sear meat using your favorite method. Mine always includes cast iron, and usually includes a torch.