Recipe by Ken Wallich

Active prep time: 15 minutes, and a day of monitoring / basting
Inactive prep time: 12 hours
Active cooking time: 12 hours


3-6 lbs Boston Butt or Picnic Pork Roast
1/2 cup Kaydub Rub
1 cup Kaydub BBQ Baste
2 cups Salt
2 cups Sugar
2-3 Quarts water


Step 1: Brining – Put roast in a stainless steel or glass container, large enough to immerse it in water. Add water until roast is immersed, remove roast add salt and sugar, stir until dissolved. Return roast to container, refrigerate for 12 hours.

Step 2: Remove roast from Brine, pat dry. Cover on all sides with Kaydub Rub.

Step 3: Pre-heat smoker to 210-225 degrees. If using a grill without a smoker box, use a cast iron pan over the lit burner, and add moistened smoking chips to pan. Put the roast farthest from the heat source.

Step 4: Put roast on BBQ, cook for 2 hours at 210-225, adding wood as necessary.

Step 5: Start basting roast once an hour with Kaydub BBQ Baste.

Step 6: Cook for 10-12 hours until 1) Internal temperature hits 195-200 degrees and/or 2) meat can easily be pulled off with a fork. In any case, make sure internal temperature has reached at least 170. The fat will break down better if you wait until it gets to 200 degrees.

Step 7: Wrap meat in two layers of aluminum foil, let sit off heat for 1 hour.

Step 8: Remove foil, pull roast apart with two forks into shredded deliciousness

Pulled pork is excellent on it’s own, on sandwiches with your favorite BBQ sauce and cole slaw, and in Chili Verde.

Note: I tried this same process with a pork loin, but it didn’t turn out. There wasn’t enough marbling, and the result wasn’t tender or pullable. It made for an OK sliceable roast, but not pulled pork. If you can’t find pork shoulder, I’d try a crockpot pulled pork recipe.